Homeopathy and other alternatives to medicine.

Could they possibly work, and how much are we taxpayers contributing to their spread and support?

  • First, how do we know anything? What is epistemology?
  • Special science needed for testing medicines and treatments.
  • The political origin of CAM in the USA.
  • Evidence based medicine cf science based.
  • What is the scientific evidence for homeopathy and acupuncture?
  • Public spending on tertiary education for CAM focusing on homeopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic
  • Public spending on ACC for CAM
  • What could our Ministries of Education and Education do better?
  • What could our politicians do now Jacinda has made a strong commitment to evidence?

Date: Sunday 27 September, 6.00pm.
Location: Lake Hawea Community Centre
Discussion Leader: Jonathon Harper

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