Cold/hot reading and other techniques commonly used by psychics

Cold reading is a technique used widely by mentalists, psychics, astrologist, fortune-tellers, tarot readers and horoscope writers who want to convince people that they posses some sort of paranormal abilities. It enables you to make complete strangers believe that you know a lot about them, even though you have never met them before. Using cold reading, you can tell them everything about their personality and reveal amazing details about their private life, without any prior knowledge. All you need to know are some simple tricks and techniques which can make anyone look like a mind reader.

(Hot reading is similar, but using information about the subject obtained prior to the reading.)

So, how does cold reading work? We will discuss the basic techniques to explain what exactly cold reading is and how it can be done.

Date – Sunday 15 September 2019
Time – 7-8.30pm
Location – Please get in touch to confirm location

Everyone welcome!

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