Wilding Pines – what are the problems and possible benefits of these trees

Sunday 10 February, 7pm.

Lake Hawea Community Centre (Main Hall).

20% of New Zealand will be invaded by wilding conifer forests within 20 years without rapid action. Wilding conifers currently cover more than 1.8 million ha of land, and are spreading at an estimated rate of 5% a year. (Source: DOC website).

Some relevant links and possible discussion points:

DOC Website  Wilding Conifers

“As wilding conifers overwhelm our native landscapes, they kill our native plants, and evict our native animals. They also have a huge impact on our economy. They suck valuable water out of catchments, they add big costs to farming and they impact on tourism and recreational opportunities.”

Biosecurity NZ

“It’s estimated about $11 million is spent each year on wilding conifer control nationwide. In May 2016, the government pledged an extra $16 million over 4 years for the first phase of a national control programme. The new funding will be used to tackle wilding conifers in the highest priority areas.”

Landcare Research

“Wilding conifers are a problem primarily in the Marlborough Sounds, the South Island high country and the central plateau of the North Island, but are also invading natural habitats in Otago.”

NZ Farm Forestry Association

“It is largely a myth that most wildings can fetch good money in timber or fibre sales. ”

“Forests established after 1989 can now be registered with the ETS, after which there is an allocation of carbon credits, acknowledging the amount of CO2 taken out of the atmosphere and stored in the trees. …some wilding forests (not all) can qualify for ETS registration.”

UK Forestry Commission Report

“The carbon sequestered (or stored) by half a hectare of conifer woodland over one rotation can compensate for the carbon dioxide emissions associated with carfuel consumption during one average driver’s lifetime.”




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